Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Pics From Our Trip

Had some pictures I wanted to share but they didn't really fit anywhere so I decided a random picture post was the thing to do. We had lots of fun on first real, spending time in the car, see large attractions, get sunburned at the beach vacation. Hope you have enjoyed seeing the pictures as much as we loved living it!
We took this in the hotel with the timer on my camera
Leo's interpretation of "Pretend you're being eaten."

Lindsay's new favorite pasttime

Big beautiful eyes

On one of our many ferry rides

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Texas State Aquarium

Sea Urchin
This fish sat and watched Leo wave to him

Underwater viewing of the dolphins


The playscape

We visited the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi and had a blast. It was beautiful and although, again, Leo had more fun than Lindsay, she did really well. At least they did have a playscape and she enjoyed that. The animals were amazing and I got some really great shots of some of the fish. We especially loved the otters and the dolphins both of which were really interactive with people. It was a great addition to the vacation itinerary.

Port Aransas

Port Aransas started off mediocre at best. Our hotel room was not quite what we expected and this nasty, sticky, impossible-to-get-off tar stuff had washed up on the beach. We had fun at the beach until it was time to get into the car to go back to the hotel. Tar was everywhere. And the more I tried to clean it off of something, namely, my feet and legs, the more it spread. The hotel bathroom looked like a mechanic had cleaned up in it and then the real fun started. We had already had to get new towels because there were very long hairs on them (they were supposed to be clean and were laying on the counter top), the sheets on the sofa bed looked like someone had had an accident or 4 on them and, let's just be honest, the place was filthy. While chasing Lindsay around the room, I spotted a dead roach. Roaches aren't my thing. (Read between the lines here, I scream in a very high pitched voice and jump around onto elevated things.) Leo goes for the 4th time to the front desk and is told, "I'm not surprised." I was trying to be okay with everything because we booked the room through a low priced site and there was no refund. But Leo disappeared and came back with a hotel employee to inform him that there were two live roaches living in the kitchenette area under the trashcan. You can imagine why he chose to keep this from me for the moment. Leo went to let them know we would be checking out and the little employee man told me that the people in the room before us had stayed 2 mos and the girls had cleaned "real good". I took him around the room to let him know that there was something missing in the "real good" cleaning. I packed up the room in record time and we moved to a very nice hotel a block from the beach. No sand or tar in the car and, best of all, no roaches.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2nd Stop SEA WORLD!!

That's Leo and I in the front row, on the far left in the main section.

Before we left San Antonio, it was mandatory that we visited Sea World. Again, Leo had lots more fun than Lindsay but she was better than I could have imagined. Although it was hot, she rode in the stroller for hours, and she couldn't participate very much, she was content and happy the whole day! The little man and I took full advantage of the Shamu show experience and sat in the first row of our section and were SOAKED!! Stay tuned for beach pics.

Vacation 2009: First stop San Antonio Children's Museum

We left for vacation on Saturday and headed for San Antonio. Our first stop was the Children's Museum and although Lindsay is too young to really enjoy it, the little man had a blast. There was a giant ring that the kids could stand in and make a bubble around themselves. My favorite part was the minature HEB where the kids could shop and even "check out" their groceries. Too fun!