Friday, February 4, 2011

Cold Weather Survival Guide

Here in Texas we love our steady climate. It's hot. Except for the 2 weeks of spring and the 2 weeks of winter each year. The last couple of years, we've had REALLY cold weather. This year, we had the joy of rolling blackouts too. Well, at our house the blackout didn't roll so much as sit still for 3 hours. So, I've put together a few things to do when your power is out or its just too cold to go outside.

1. Build a fire! Helps keep the chill away when your house drops to 60 degrees inside. And, its pretty:)

2. Eat goldfish. No heating needed. Just open and enjoy!

3. Do puzzles. You can put them together, take them apart and do it again and again. And, no power necessary!

4. Visit with friends and their VERY cute babies. (The power was back on at this point, but its still a great idea!)

5. Drink wine. It warms you up and well, any time is a good time for wine:)