Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trinity Likes Water. Who Knew?

Our girl Trinity looks like a black lab. She's beautiful, regal, fun loving and playful. But, does she like water? No. The answer has always been no. She does not try to get into the kiddie pools with the kids. She does not enjoy trips to rivers. Water is to drink. The end.

Well.....until today.

We decided when we booked our vacation that Trinity would be apart of it. We were unsure how the beach would go. Today, we ventured forth and hallelujah....she had a blast. She ran. She romped. She played. She rolled and dug in the sand. She was happy.

She drank LOTS of ocean water. She pooed. Ick. That's another story.

So, anyway.....enjoy our beautiful baby dog of 9 years and her new love of water.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Arts and Crafts Vacation Style

We are spending two weeks in Port Aransas for our vacation this year. Since Leo can only take a week at a time, I made the insane decision to drive the kids down a few days ahead of him. We have rented a cute little one bedroom beach apartment. Its perfect for us and has all the amenities of home plus the beach! Today was shopping in town, lunch out and arts and crafts in the afternoon. Included activities:

Water Color

Sweet Paintings for Mommy

Markers. I think Lindsay was trying a tiger stripe thing.

All the artwork

Our crazy girl. Note the marker on her leg, arm, face and glow bracelets. She was on the phone with Daddy at the time. BTW, she also has blue marker on the bottom of her foot:)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Last Few Weeks....

Here's a short recap of the past few weeks:

Snow cones at The Austin Zoo

Leo asleep on a bench at the zoo

(He had an ear infection)

Lindsay tried her hand at hair beautification and gave herself a trim.

We grew butterflies from caterpillars and released them.

We took in an orphaned kitten.

Hope your summer is as fun and crazy as ours is!