Monday, September 13, 2010


See that pout? That takes practice people!

"No, I will not smile for a cute birthday picture. I'm not in the mood."

Lindsay turned two on September 7th and we celebrated a few days earlier with a small family party. She had a great time and receive way too many gifts, she's definitely ready for Christmas. At her two year check up, she weighed 29 lbs 6 oz and measured 34 1/4 inches, both in the 85%percentile. Yep, she's a big girl!

Lindsay has not taken the responsibility of being two lightly. In addition to growing like crazy, for several months now she has been gathering knowledge and practicing. Her hard work has paid off, Lindsay was able to show the world a proper two year old weeks before her birthday. She has mastered the whine, the loud "NO!!", the quiet dramatic "No", the face turn to claim ignorance of a situation, and the all important scream-stomp-shake-turn red tantrum! She is truly a master of the two:)