Thursday, November 26, 2009


We had a very nice quiet Thanksgiving Day, it was special because:
My mom came to visit

We had delicous food

Time with family enjoying the food
But, like any other day, the kids were the comic relief!

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Box Pictures

Lindsay just loves to sit in this box! She made some funny faces that we've never seen before, so I had to post them. She is too funny!

Chili Pfest 2009

Over this past weekend, our little town had one of its many pfestivals. (No, I didn't misspell festival, here in Pflugerville, all words with an F get a P too!) This one was Chili Pfest and even though 45 mins before judging the chili was done, they were sold out of tickets to try the chili, we had fun. We're still not sure how you sell out, don't you have more of those paper ticket things? So, we paid way too much for a gyro, quesadilla, and italian sausage (at the Chili Pfest, where we ate NO chili) and had some nice family time. The best part was watching the kids ride a train/car thing. Too cute!

Birthday Celebration

Trying out the scooter we gave him
I love Auntie Erin!


Leo and Chuck E.

The little man didn't have an official party this year. My sister flew in from New York, my mom drove in from College Station and a few friends stopped by to wish him a happy birthday. He had a friend, Cooper, join in the fun at Chuck E Cheese for lunch and then jumpy time in the front yard. It was a nice intimate celebration and he had a great time!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Six Years Old!!!!

When he tucked his arms and legs up, he was the size of a beanie baby. Thank you GK for his very first beanie baby!

After a couple of weeks we were able to hold him and try skin to skin contact which helps promote healing in premature babies

Our handsome six year old. Happy Birthday Leo!

Six years ago today at 9:33 am I gave birth to a tiny little miracle named Leo Edward Angele III. He came into this world weighing in at 2 lbs 4oz and 14 in long. I had spent 5 days in the hospital with doctors trying to stop my labor and give his little body more time to grow. Well, it wasn't God's will and so he was born at 27 weeks gestation, or 3 months early. We were warned that his little body wasn't ready to be here and there were likely to be many hurdles that we would all face. Normally babies born prematurely aren't able to be released until around there original due date. Even then it can be longer depending on their prematurity issues. We watched the monitors and held our breath when he stopped breathing or his heart stopped beating for a second or two. We waited in agony over every brain scan and blood culture. Even though he had ups and downs as expected, Leo had his own ideas about things, he was only intubated for 24 hours and came home 4 weeks before his due date. He amazed the doctors and nurses in the NICU with his strength and determination to get home. After being told of all the complications that can arise, blindness, lung disease, deafness, heart problems, we are happy to say, Leo has none of them. He is bright, funny, energetic and doesn't have any ideas that the deck was stacked against him 6 years ago. To him, he was born just like any other baby and he continues to grab each day with both hands and live it to the fullest. We love you little man and thank God for you each and every day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Leo and Cooper

Punk rock biker princess

Hardcore kids

Visiting Daddy at his pirate ship (aka work)

Going along with Leo's big purchase this year and our new found love of the open road, we dressed the kids up as cool little bikers. Spray painting their hair was a blast although the little man fell asleep before we could wash his out and his scalp is still a nice shade of red. They both had lots of fun and I have to say a huge thank you to our dear friend Cyndy for sewing both the vests for us. They made the costumes for sure.