Monday, March 2, 2009

A Tale of Two Sick Kids

Well, I haven't posted because we've been busy with illness in the Angele household. I had pink eye in both eyes then the little man developed pnuemonia which irritated his asthma. He's been on all kinds of meds that have him a bit hyped up. Lindsay has yet another ear infection and is on her third round of antibiotics in the last 30 days. Unfortunately, she is coughing to the point of choking so we're back to the doc in the a.m. We're going to be filling our flower beds with lots of pretty plants and Leo starts soccer this Sat so I should have some more positive posts and pics to follow. Hope all of you are well!!

1 comment:

  1. Kerie:

    Bless your heart, we can all relate to
    sick children. Poor babies! I have so much
    enjoyed your blog. Thanks for making us a part of your life. It has been fun to read Eva's and see where you and your Mom have written. I can't get over how much Lindsay has grown! She and Leo are so cute. Wish we could all get together. I loved the pictures of Erin also. I bet that she has a good time with them.

    Love you much,
    Aunt Shirley