Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Snow's BBQ

A few months ago, Texas Monthly rated Snow's BBQ in Lexington (tiny town) as the #1 BBQ in the state. Being BBQ enthusiasts, last Saturday we made the hour long road trip for lunch. This little place is co-owned by Snow and Tootsie and is only open on Satudays from 8 until the bbq runs out. We slid in around 11 and were blessed with the last of the brisket. The food was wonderful! Because we were some of the last people there, we got to sit and chat with Tootsie for a bit. She is the best. She immediately sat down with Leo and told him he reminded her of one of her great grandkids. A bit of a drive for lunch, but I think we'll try it again and get there just a bit earlier so we have some bbq to bring home.

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