Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Little Behind

I've been busy with Lindsay lately. She's cutting 3 maybe 4 upper teeth and our "good" days are occasional at best. So, here's some pics to catch you up on the happenings here. First, July 4th, we spent the evening with our friends the Smiths and had a great time. Second, Leo was the ring bearer in a wedding. Our very close friends Irene and Jeremy were married after 11 years together and had a beautiful ceremony on July 11th. The little man did really well. There was a fountain between him and the happy couple, so he entertained himself by playing in the water, splashing Irene and Jeremy and rubbing the water down his arms. It was hot outside, what's a kid to do?

Lindsay in her very festive dress

Leo with all the kiddos watching fireworks

Please click on this pic to see Leo's expression, he seems so enthusiastic about the whole thing!

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  1. Leo did a GREAT job- we were so happy and blessed that he could be a part of our day (and we were also glad that big Leo's brisket could be a part of our day) (oh- and ya'll and Lindsay too--hee hee)