Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning

We had an amazing Christmas this year. Lindsay was old enough to rip some paper, empty bags and get into everyone else's gifts. Leo actually asked for a few specific toys and Santa was kind enough to bring them. Erin wasn't able to be here with us, but sent gifts that were extra special. (I have ugg boots now!) We are very blessed in our family!
Lindsay having lots of fun with the dogs Christmas toys
Lindsay and GK
Cute Christmas kid torture my sister sent

Why does Mom insist on capturing this on film?


  1. love all the christmas pictures! i was looking at some of my baby pictures last night when we were all in de leon for christmas ~ a LONG time ago! i'll have to scan some pics and send them to you. you and i were the only ones around at the time.

    love your red wall by the way. looks like you have a very pretty house!

  2. We had an amazing Christmas this year. It was fun to watch Lindsay who was more interested in everyone else's gifts. lol Erin sent such awesome gifts, not just for the kids but for all of us!!! What a fun day.