Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Egg-cellent Story

This is the story of an egg. Not just any egg, an expensive brown organic one. You see, Leo was given an assignment for school to build a protective vehicle for an egg that would protect said egg when it was dropped off the roof of the school.
Leo (son) and Leo (dad) worked together creating a protective orb in which to give the egg God's speed.
Some styrofoam, bubble wrap, rubber bands and paint made the masterpiece complete.
We all waited that day for Leo to come home and hear the fate of the egg. And what happened you ask? The suspense is too much!!!

The egg survived!!! My Leo's are master architects!!

But......the egg had been out of cool too long. It could no longer serve its' purpose to nourish, so it was given another end. Although not as grand, much more fun........


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