Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Making of a Christmas Photo

There are steps to the "perfect" Christmas photo, see below:

First, you need a tree. Decorated preferably.

Next, you need to line up the shot. Test shots are required at this stage to prevent anyone from losing their head.
Then, you begin the dress rehearsal. Coordinating outfits are needed and more test shots.

Lastly, a final check of facial cleanliness is crucial!

And, the end result may not be the perfect picture, but there are smiles and no one eyes are closed. That's a wrap!

Merry Christmas !!!!


  1. perfect!!! i love it. almost. all but those terrible shirts you have on. but everything else is perfect. it's good that your kids are so cute, which will distract the eye from the shirts. :) it really is a great pic.

  2. I'm with Danielle on the shirts!! LOL!!!!
    Seriously, though a great pic. Love it and all of you!