Thursday, May 26, 2011

Running Isn't Pretty

So, I'm doing this Couch to 10K app on my phone. I'm almost finished with week 9 of 13. You know how some people just seem to be born to run? Their bodies lean and muscled, it looks effortless when you watch them? Well, that's not me. I have foot pain, knee pain, back pain and I force myself to run. (Running here is a loose term, I come closer to jogging on a good day.) Its work. So, during my runs, I often have random thoughts (almost delirium) and I wanted to share todays with you. Running isn't pretty. I sweat like crazy, my nose runs and when I try to breathe out of my mouth spit comes out. Not pretty. Can't be, too many bodily fluids present. Just wanted to share that:) And, if you are one of those natural runners who perspires and doesn't spit or snot, I don't want to hear about it, thanks.

1 comment:

  1. i snot and try not to pee my running shorts. does that make you feel better? :) but that's what you get when you've birthed two babies.