Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lindsay's Allergy Adventure

A few weeks ago Lindsay's allergist suggested we do testing to help us find out what makes her sick. When she gets sick, she starts coughing and coughing and coughing. All day. All night. Cough. They test for 24 irritants....she was allergic to 12 of them, and in all seasons of the year. No break at any time. The best part is that she's allergic to both types of dust mites they tested for. You can do things to minimize contact, but basically that's a part of our world. Poor girl gets to be on year rounds meds like her brother. Oh well, thank goodness for insurance!

So here's what it looks like to be allergic to two molds, two dust mites, a tree, 3 grasses and 4 weeds:

She did great, by the way, flinched once or twice but in true Lindsay form, she took it like a champ:)

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