Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I speak english. I'm sure of it. I communicate with people everyday that speak english to me. We all understand each other. I can even have a conversation with lots of different people. Sometimes I know the person, sometimes I don't. Some people are young, some are older. Some are my relatives and some are my friends. I give instructions all the time. I am given instructions all the time. The people I interact with follow the instructions easily as do I. It doesn't seem difficult. Listen to the words spoken and act accordingly. So, I have just one question........

What language do I need to speak so that my children will follow my instructions?


  1. shock collar, taser? those seem to work well in our house. you don't even need to utter a word. :)

  2. Very funny! I think you just spoke for parents everywhere, no matter the language they speak! I enjoy your blog!
    (Shirley's sister)