Thursday, January 13, 2011

What $50 Will Do For You

I had a rough go of it right after the holidays. Felt sluggish, weighed down by too much celebratory eating over the holidays. Before the holidays, I had gotten pretty consistent with my jogging and was closer to my goal weight than ever. Then food-a-rama hit, it was cold and I had both kids home. So, the end result was a lack of enthusiasm about life in general and feeling like my jeans were more like sausage casings than clothing. Then, my amazing husband signed us up for the YMCA. They have gyms all over, so we can both go close to where we are. Not only did it get me moving, excercising and out of the house again, but they have 2 hours of daycare per day included in your membership fee. Hallelujah! And, its per kid, so I can take little man too! Now almost two weeks in and I'm 4 pounds lighter and 100 times happier. This is absolutely the best money we've spent in a long time. Now, wonder if I'm ready to brave one of those Zumba classes................

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